Location: North-West region of Cameroon

Emblematic animals: chimpanzee, Preuss monkey, putty-nosed monkey, Milne-Edwards's potto, red river hog, great blue turaco

The Kom forest. Sekakoh’s main site of interest in the North-West region of Cameroon. Located in Fundong subdivision, this tropical sub-montane forest is home to the elusive Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, six species of monkeys, and six species of nocturnal primates.

Along with studying the non-human primates of Kom, we have launched several activities focusing on sustainable resource use by local villagers. This projects has the support of the local chiefs of Baiso, Mbengkas, Mbongkissu and Mughom, and that of the mayor of Fundong, Denis Awoh Ndang.


Location: North region of Cameroon

Emblematic animals: giant eland, Kordofan giraffe, lion, savannah elephant, common hippopotamus & Nile crocodile

Sekakoh’s activities in the North region of Cameroon are taking place in Bénoué National Park. The protected area is situated in the middle of the North region, surrounded by multiple hunting zones and two other national parks: Boubandjidah and Faro.

It has two major national roads crossing through its centre, which facilitates illegal entry into the park. Therefore, in collaboration with the Conservator Kevin Jean-Paul Mbamba Mbamba, Sekakoh is working to minimize human activity and presence in the protected area.