PREUSS'S MONKEY (Allochrocebus preussi)

Geographic Range: Exclusively restricted to Bioko island (Equatorial Guinea), Nigeria and Cameroon, North of the Sanaga River

Conservation Status: IUCN Red List: ENDANGERED

Cameroon Classification: Class A (integrally protected)

To date, this shy and mostly terrestrial guenon has only been studied in Kilum-Ijim forest (North-West region of Cameroon). It has a restricted range, limited to the mountains and sub-mountains of West-Cameroon and East-Nigeria. Populations are heavily fragmented because of poaching and habitat destruction. That's why Kom offers a perfect site for the study of this little-known monkey.

Everything is yet to be studied from this rare monkey. An unusual behaviour of Preuss's monkeys has been observed twice in Kom: unlike in most sites (but Ebo forest), Preuss's monkeys were heard in mixed groups with putty-nosed monkeys. Further studies will be undertaken on the social organization and the ecology of Allochrocebus preussi.

Preuss's monkeys are hard to observe in the wild, thus the pictures on this site were taken at Limbe Wildlife Centre.